6 Secrets Snapchat tricks one should definitely know

Snapchat is the most popular messaging application, specifically among a younger generation.  United States Snapchat users are so much addicted to the app that they keep looking for new updates and tricks. However, the app is slowly building its inroads in other countries as well.

We have listed out 6 Secrets Snapchat tricks one should definitely know. All the new Snapchat users will find these tricks helpful to practice the app in a much better way. Even long time Snapchat user, will find few tricks that they weren’t aware.

In this article let’s discuss each trick in detail, without any further ado, here are some of the best Snapchat tricks you must know.

1. Chat shortcuts using Bitmoji

Snapchat has made chatting with friends very entertaining, particularly if you have lots of Best-Friends. Though, launching Snapchat, swiping the chat screen and looking for friends name can be more time-consuming. Luckily, Snapchat latest update made a simple way to add chat shortcuts and unlock snapchat trophy case.

To add chat shortcuts both you and your buddy should be using Bitmoji on their Snapchat Account.


  • Just tap and hold on a home screen to add a widget. Formerly, scroll down and look for Snapchat widgets. And then use “Choose a Friend” widget.
  • You’ll be directed to Snapchat from there tap to select a friend. You wish to add a shortcut and then tap on “Add to Home Screen.“ Then widget will be added to your home screen with your friend’s Bitmoji.
  • Now, you can just tap on Bitmoji to directly open the chat screen.
  • For iPhone users, Snapchat chat shortcuts are available in the widget pane. Just add the Snapchat widget, and you are ready to go.

No more difficulties, especially if you use Snapchat a lot to text your friends!

2. Snapcash

There are many platforms to send and receive money, but with Snapchat you can send money using Snapcash.

  • Go to Phone Settings > Snapcash
  • Sign up for Snapcash > Add Debit card
  • To send Money to a friend > type the amount you like to send a message and confirm.

3. Read chats without marking them as read

Sometimes, we feel so bored to reply for messages from people for few reasons. But reading after reading their messages, we have no choice other than replying. Thankfully, Snapchat offers a technique that just marks the read messages as unread.

  • To do so, tap on the friend’s name in a chat screen and drag your finger to a right edge of your screen. Snapchat displays the messages. Once you have read drag your finger back to the left edge and you’ll find the messages find the messages as unread.

4. Custom your own stickers

You can actually create your own stickers on Snapchat that can be accessed by you.

  • First, click a photo or video > tap the scissors icon and color the portion that you wish to transform into a custom sticker.

It will automatically save to the app, and you can use it anytime by tapping on the sticker’s icon.

5. Zoom using one hand

Nothing is worse than using two hands to perform a single action.

Snapchat added Single-hand zoom. With this gesture, you can zoom in by dragging your finger up and away from a capture button.

6. Add emoji that move with your video

First, create a video then pick a sticker or emoji. Instead of just adding the emoji on a screen, press and hold it and then pin it to a portion of the video.

Hope you got to know new tricks from 6 Secrets Snapchat tricks one should definitely know. If you have anything to ask and share, Please do leave us your comments below.